European Association of Young Neurologists and Trainees - EAYNT

EAYNT is an independent organization representing junior neurologists in Europe.


  • Provide travel grants to you
  • Share information with you on other travel grants and bursary opportunities
  • Help you spend time in another country for clinical training or research
  • Improve your training by learning about experiences in other countries
  • Help your participation in academic subspecialty activities
  • Connect you with other young neurologists
  • Represent your interests in international professional organizations
  • Organize a variety of events for you and other junior neurologists at conferences


(EAYNT Hospital visit at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden)


Membership is free and open for every colleague undergoing training in neurology (and related fields such as neurobiology, neurophysiology, and neurosurgery), for research and clinical fellows in Neurology/Neuroscience and for qualified neurologists in the first some years after the end of training. Registration should be made online via this website.

Past Office 2013

Edina T. Varga - Past-president, Hungary

Antonella Macerollo - President, Italy

Orsolya Gyorfi - Secterary, Romania

Xenia Kobeleva - Treasuer, Germany


(from left to right)

Antonella Macerollo, Italy – Past-president

Orsolya Györfi, Romania – President

Péter Balicza, Hungary – Treasurer

Monica MoarcaČ™, Romania - Secretary




Orsolya Györfi, Hungary – Past president

Péter Balicza, Hungary – President

Viktoria Papp, Denmark - Secretary

Anna Sauerbier, UK - Treasurer


EAYNT Activities at the 1st Congress of the EAN

The First Congress of the European Academy of Neurology will be held in Berlin, Germany ( 20th to 23rd June 2015). Traditionally, the EAYNT will organise several activities in the interest of the young neurologists. During the conference our officers can be met at the EAYNT booth during break times, which serves as a meeting point for young colleagues. We will be happy to offer the latest indormation regarding our exciting conference activities. This year, we are going to organize our special session together with Junge deutschen Neurologen (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurologie). The lectures cover a wide range of relevant topics for young neurologists. Besides this session a hospital visit to a local neurological department will be organised  together with the German colleagues as well as a get-together event for the young neurologists. As for the hospital visit the number of participants is limited, online preregistration will be announced soon. Travel grants for participants of the conference who have oral or poster presentation will be announced soon.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Berlin!